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#1487 SET REVIEW: 76193 The Guardian's Ship Part 2

We're back with Part 2 of our review of 76193 The Guardian's Ship! Now that we've talked techniques, let's discuss the minifigures, accuracy of the ship and our general thoughts!

The minifigures are definitely a big draw and it’s great to get most of the Guardians in 1 set. We've compared the figures to previous versions and love the upgrades they've made, although we would have preferred Drax over the Chitauri.

Netx up we looked at the accuracy of the ship, and it's pretty damn accurate. Having said this, we would have liked the set to ideally be 20% bigger to give more space for the interior and an escape pod - we personally would have paid more for this (and hopefully to get more Guardians!).

Overall though, we huge fans of this set, especially being such technique lovers. It was a very fun building experience that didn't feel too repetitive despite the two wings / engines thanks to the interesting techniques. This combined with the the excellent minifigures, decent price and how great it looks on display makes this one of our favourite sets ever.

Reminder that we were sent this set by LEGO but are views are unbiased, as we don't have to say nice things! Let us know your thoughts on the set and whether you agree about the size increase, as we pass on all your comments to LEGO through the review program.


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