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#1493 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Melting techniques

LEGO pieces are known for their solid, rigid and sharp corners. Which can prove challenging when using them to create fluid and realistic melting effects.

We’ve gathered up some great examples that have managed to capture the curves forms and dripping flows that come from melting.

Whether that’s sensibly positioning specially curved pieces such as the 24599 5x5 arch that makes a blobby Ice cream van by Dallen Powell. Similarly demonstrated by ForlornEmpire with 61678 1x4 curved sloped, positioned on their side with SNOT bricks. These help control the shape of the melting puddle.

Pasq67 is demonstrating numerous melting techniques, with a key one being having the fluid appearing at a right angle down the front, as off dripping off the ledge that the MOC is on.

Which example shown is your favourite? - let us know in the comments!

Check out the featured builders here:


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