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#150 Monday's MOC of the Week: Squeak Squeak

This week's is from a user on Flickr by the name of Thomas Poulsom. He has a many MOCs in his unique style, with his mouse being his latest. You can check out his Flickr profiles for all of his builds here:

Thomas Poulsom is known by most within the LEGO community as the creator of the Ideas set 21301 Birds, which also uses the same build style as this mouse, and which is what I love about his builds. The studs that are left showing are not even attempted to be concealed as they give texture of the animals he is portraying, whether it be a bird or a mouse. The little details he does include to break up the studs are minimalist and look great in capturing some character of the animals, and contrasting colours of pink and black also break up the light tan.

Of course the main technique here is SNOT, which is used to cover the build in all sides with studs. The plates line up well, showing no gaps and creating seamless and flowing shapes. Thomas has shaped the mouse ]incredibly well, choosing the perfect pieces and sizes a create rounded and natural looking body.


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