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#1503 SET REVIEW: 21330 Home Alone House Part 1

NEW SET ALERT! Today we're excited to share a look at the latest Ideas set, 21330 Home Alone House. Submitted as a project by Alex Storozhuk, LEGO designers Antica Bracanov and Enrique Belmonte Beixer turned it into a real set, which is strikingly similar to his submission.

The set includes the McCallister house with a ground floor, 1st floor, attic and extension, as well as a treehouse and the Wet Bandits Van. Packed full of easter eggs, play features and scenes from the 1990 film, this is a fantastic set for the holidays with a lot to love. The price is pretty decent for the amount of pieces, and while we would have loved more figures for this price, the 5 included are excellent in terms of accuracy and detail.

In part 2 we'll be bringing you the interesting techniques dispersed through the set, but we did have a few interesting observations to share with you regarding the set.

Check out the images for Part 1 of our review and let us know your thoughts on this set! Does it live up to your expectations and will you be picking it up on November 1st?


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