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#1509 SET REVIEW: 21330 Home Alone House Part 2

Today we're bringing you Part 2 of the very hyped latest Ideas set: the Home Alone house! We break down all of the interesting techniques, most notably in the interior, and showcase the part selection (with the long-awaited brown masonry brick).

Being the largest Ideas set to date and based on such a classic film, this set had big boots to fill. We believe it succeeds in this - it's exterior and interior looks fantastic, it's packed with fun features, includes 5 minifigures and is a very decent price for nearly 4000 pieces. While the set makes some compromises, like being a little small in some rooms and not featuring the iconic wallpaper of the McCallister house, there are reasonable explanations - if it was full minifigure scale this set would be $400+ and the designers chose to make the outside accurate which means brown bricks show on the interior walls too.

Overall, this is a top-notch set, perfect for both Christmas lovers and Modular fans alike, and is ideal for building with the family this holiday!

[Review product provided by LEGO, but our opinion on the set is not affected by this as we don't have to compliment what we're sent]


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