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#153 TECHNIQUES - Lever connections

The classic LEGO lever comes in two pieces; the base and the other part that is the lever itself. The base or the combination of both can be used in MOCs to add greebling and to give an aesthetic look. The lever part does not fit in clips as it is thinner than a rod/bar, so what can it be used for?

Well, like with many pieces, it can be used in a unique way to position and attach plates underside down. The technique works as the lever is just thin enough and is the right size to attach to plates and stay fairly secure. This only works for plates though, as for bricks the lever would just fall through; it is the perfect height only for plates.

This technique is great because it is invisible if you are looking at the pieces, as the lever is concealed inside them and therefore cannot be seen. The only downsides are that it can't be used for plates bigger than 2x4 and that the technique is classified as "illegal" (puts extra strain on the pieces that normal technique do not).

The photo is a MOC by Chris Crowley, a member of the Facebook group LEGO STAR WARS COLLECTIONS for Diehard Fans. He is working on a B-Wing, and has utilized this technique to attach the two sides of the wings together to make a thin and sleek design.


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