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#1543 SET REVIEW: 102782 Adidias Originals Superstar

Today we’re reviewing the highly collectible Adidas Original Superstar. Released originally in July 2021 and part of the 18+ set line, this is LEGO’s first collaboration with Adidas to make something out of bricks. Also this year, Adidas has produced a variety of products with LEGO branding for kids and adults alike.

Overall, we felt that this set was highly creative as a concept and we look forward to seeing if LEGO will release more types of shoe and perhaps team up with different companies to bring their products to life. The build techniques were quite impressive in their simplicity. It was a fun set to put together! Where the set is lacking is in its part selection and its value for money. The part selection is relatively monochromatic and basic, except for some very specific prints that seem hard to repurpose. Additionally, one of these LEGO shoes will cost you $80 USD, making a pair of them $160 USD, while a pair of the real shoes would only run you $90 USD!

However, between these two brands, there is a high collectibility factor with this set—for both AFOLs and sneaker heads alike. In fact, according to Brickset, there is even a very rare (near impossible to find with research on our end) special edition of this set “10282-2: Adidas Originals Superstar X Footshop ‘Blueprinting’” that was redesigned by Footshop, a sneaker and shoe retailer in Prague. The model takes this version of the Superstar and changes its black detailing to dark blue with custom printed branding for Footshop. Let us know if you know anything about this obscure set!

Anyways, back to this set. It’s an impressive build with great techniques, but it’s expensive and may not be worth it to the average LEGO fan. But let us know what you think in the comments below! Do you have this set? Do you have a pair? Have you taken part in any of LEGO x Adidas’ other collaborations?

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