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#1544 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 44224 and 44225 Technic Rotation Joint Disk

Are you a LEGO system builder who’s afraid of Technic? Never fear—in this Favourite Brick Friday post, we show you how a technic part can be used in Technic builds, structural builds, and aesthetic NPU (Nice Part Use) MOCs!

@legohobbitfan ingeniously uses these two interconnecting joint parts as round, flat stone steps. Meanwhile, @chriskruining demonstrates the structural strength of these parts—they make great angled frames for stands, mechs, and more! And finally, David Luders on Flickr shows how adding these parts to existing sets can create more angles and functionality to existing sets.

Have you used this part before in your own builds? Will you be using more technic parts in creative ways? Comment below and let us know!


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