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Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Today’s technique analysis is by an underappreciated builder: @bousker_ . In this build, they model the lounge of the USCSS Nostromo from the movie ‘Alien.’ This scene, much like their other work, is filled with unique and innovative techniques that draw in the viewer and add to the lifelike nature of the scene. Through a combination of SNOT, technic, and bar combinations, the builder makes a scene with clean lines, intriguing easter eggs, and an eeriness much like that of the “real” ship.

As one moves throughout the scene, interesting pieces can be found to make up the central hatch, the wall bed, the hatch door, and the piping all around the space. Find pieces from cupboard doors and fire hose nozzles to bucket handles and modified plates in this awe worthy scene.

Be sure to check out our 1469th post for another USCSS Nostromo scene from this builder!


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