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#155 TIPS: Storing and sorting bricks

If you are planning on building a MOC, chances are you have a part collection you will use to make it. There are many different ways to store and sort your part collection to make the building process as efficient and painless as possible, so lets go over the most common ones.

Firstly, sorting; I prefer to sort into either colour or the part itself (such as 1x1 bricks or just the "family" such as slopes). One of these can be better than the other, depending on your part collection. If you have a wide variety of parts then sort into the specific parts, and if you have a range of colours sort into colours.

Alternatively, if your part collection is huge, sorting into colour AND part can be easier, however this requires more time spent sorting and less time spent building!

Now you have your parts sorted, lets talk storing. I think the best way is cabinets, with plastic trays and dividers (pictured). Try and buy ones where the dividers can be taken out and moved around, as this will allow you to sort depending on how many of a certain colour/part you have.

Another tip to consider is how often you use a piece. If for example you use 2x4 bricks in a range of colours for filler bricks in a lot of your MOCs, its worth having a big box or container just for those. How do you organise your LEGO part collection? Please post pictures or thoughts in the comments.


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