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#1569 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 44676 Trapezoid flag

This week's favourite brick is the trapezoid flag (part 44676): an unusual and often over-looked part. Yet as can be seen in these demonstrations, it’s unique shape and double clip connection can prove extremely useful in MOC creation for various effects.

Such as in a simple yet super effective technique by @mountainhobbit. The unique shape of this piece really lends itself to form a ships sail at microscale. Also the shape works perfectly along side regular square flags as aging roof tiles. The cut corner looks so authentic as broken and cracked roof tiles or slates – by @stlbrickco.

Alternatively, both @dan.ko56 and @KitKatat414 (on Flickr) have used the piece to add detail and form to MOC characters.

What is your favourite use of the piece? Let us know in the comments!


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