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#157 Monday's MOC of the Week: PlusSize AT-M6

This week's MOC is by Michał Kozłowski from Flickr, who has created an excellent model of the First Order's Heavy Assault Walker or AT-M6. You can check out his profile for more builds here:

The AT-M6 will be featured in the upcoming film Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and has already been produced as a set by The LEGO Group. However, this model is superior in every way, with very few gaps and its huge size compared to the set.

Michal has used a perfect blend of tiled and studded surfaces to capture the walker's rugged exterior. The shaping and angling of the panels that make up the walker have been positioned well, and with minimal gaps which creates a sleek design. The legs of the walker look great, and have been crafted using technic to reinforce them and SNOT techniques have been used to cover all of the sides.

A big challenge with these larger builds is scale; and although it is not minifigure scale (that would be huge!), it is perfect compared to The LEGO Group's AT-AT (comparison as seen in the film's trailer).

There is also an interior hidden within the structure, with space for 3 minifigures inside the well scaled and detailed head of the "gorilla" walker. There is also a troop compartment and although there aren't play features like The LEGO Group's version, there is plenty of weaponry to blast rebel scum.

A monster of a build; make sure to go check out Michal's Flickr account for more MOCs and the actual physical build of this model.


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