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#1576 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 30034 Panel 3 x 5 Solar / Deltoid with Clip

This unusual part was used as a Seed Part in Season 6 of the Iron Builder competition between @kitkat1414_ and @brickleas, with Kit judged the winner (congratulations!). In the Iron Builder challenge, two builders go head to head, creating MOCs that use the specified ‘seed part’ in creative ways. In today’s Favourite Brick Friday post, we take a look at some of the ingenious ways this seed part was used, including as a kite, clothing, furniture, and fan hood by Brickleas, and as dinosaur skeletons, snowy trees, and a ceiling fan by Kit!

For more information about the Iron Builder challenge, check out @iron_builders or

Which of these techniques is your favourite? Do you have this element, and have you used it before? Comment below and let us know!


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