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#1590 SET UPGRADE: 80105 Chinese New Year Temple Fair

Everyone’s favourite place during the Lunar New Year is - certainly - their local temple, and today we highlight some of the best ways to integrate 80105 Chinese New Year Temple Fair into your cityscape! Most builders approach this challenge in a similar way - by placing the large, central temple at the middle of a pair of baseplates (either two 32x32, a 16x and 32x32, or a 48x48), builders set the scene with the temple as its focal point. Around the temple, builders arrange the market stalls that come in the set, appearing similar to that of promotional images of the Chinese New Year Temple Fair.

A few builders, though, stray from this design and instead focus just on 80105’s central temple. Both builders we showcase do their best in making the temple complete, having so there is no blank, unfinished backside. While one builder just simply mimics the front of the temple on its back, another goes a step further and both makes it a four-sided temple AND makes it integrate into the modular system!

All of the designs would look fantastic beside the more recent Spring Lantern Festival. How have you modified the Chinese New Year Temple Fair? Share in the comments!


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