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#1593 MOC of the Week: Off-roaders by @je_brickworks

Are you bored of the same traffic-infested streets? Or stuck in your snowy driveway? No need to worry! These brick-built off-roaders will take you anywhere, anytime!

This week’s MOC(s) of the Week are 4 extremely detailed and true to their real life counterparts all-terrain vehicles. The creator, @je_brickworks, is a LEGO vehicle specialist and in his builds combines amazing part use with outstanding attention to detail. From rare prints and rubber bands as front-ends, to 50 year-old tires (!), these builds are a close match for the real four-wheeled icons!

If you want to see more realistic and detailed car builds, check out @je_brickworks on Instagram or his website for available instructions and ready-to-assemble kits. Let us know what you think of these awesome vehicles in the comments below!


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