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#1595 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Woodland Minstrel by Markus Rollbühler

So raise to me the parting brick… did the song go that way? This medieval scene has our team singing to traditional Irish songs all along!

This picturesque medieval scene of a minstrel playing his lute under a thriving tree is built by Markus Rollbühler aka @moriartus. Markus was challenged to “create an atmosphere” as a trophy for the Summer Joust 2021 contest, and with amazing color choices, NPU (Nice Part Use) and lots of tiny details he certainly achieved his objective.

You can check out more of Markus’ creations (a LEGO product designer!) at @moriartus on Instagram or at his Flickr page, , where you will find amazing medieval-inspired builds and many more!

Let us know which of the used techniques is your favorite in the comments below!


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