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#1600 MOC OF THE WEEK: Space 3 by Stephan Gofers

Is it Western? Is it Sci-fi? Is it Steampunk? Like in many of his MOCs, Stephan Gofers

combines many genres to create intriguing and highly detailed scenes.

On a carefully crafted desert landscape lays an impressive ship. The brown and dark

orange colours remind us of the wood used in Steampunk style, while the abundance

of greebling in light bluish grey looks like modern Sci-fi. Contributing to the eclectic

feel of the MOC is the wide range of minifigure components and printed tiles from

many series and eras.

Although the ship steals the show, take a moment to appreciate the attention to

details in the gas station, such as SNOT roof and columns and clever parts use.

See more detailed MOCs by Stephan Gofers on Flickr:



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