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#1604 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 11100 Feathered Minifigure Wing

Today’s Favourite Brick is a piece celebrating its 10 year anniversary – part no. 11100, the Feathered Minifigure Wing! Used generally to give a minifigure wings, the detailed design of the wing lends itself to some exciting MOC uses. In this post, five builds by four builders showcase the varied uses for the feathered wing. From animal feathers to ship sails, the uses for part 11100 are endless. In all levels of scales, from microscale and up, the Feathered Minifigure Wing is effective in adding detail to a build.

Happy 10th Birthday, Feathered Minifigure Wing!

Featured builders: @jasonallemann on Instagram, @swandutchman on Instagram, Vlad Efremkin on Flickr, @eerookkonen on Instagram


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