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#161 Favourite Brick Friday: 1x1 Modified Plate w/Clip Light

Today's piece is the 1x1 Modified Plate w/Clip Light which is a versatile piece with a range of uses.

Its first use is in SNOT techniques, thanks to the studs on both sides of the piece. This can connect it to multiple other pieces and allow for building on both sides. Thanks to the hole located on the piece, bar or rods can be inserted, giving it further versatility. The final common use is adding texture or detail to your MOC, because of the unique shape of the protruding part of the piece. This means the piece can be used by itself on the exterior of a MOC to utilize its unique shape and texture.

Here is the piece on Bricklink:,%20Modified%201%20x%201%20with%20Clip%20Light%20-%20Undetermined%20Ring%20Type&category=%5BPlate,%20Modified%5D#T=S&O={"iconly":0}


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