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#1617 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Shipwreck Shores by Kevin Wu@kev.thebuilder

With this vignette, @kev.thebuilder takes us on a remote island where the Shipwreck Survivor from Series 21 Minifigures has built a shack at the base of a cliff near the beach.

The builder displays great skills and attention to detail across a variety of elements including natural and built. The SNOT cliff looks just like granite, the water, waves and beach show a mastery of colour and transparency, and the patches of vegetation featuring diverse parts combination look very natural. The shack is also very detailed considering its size. The irregular wood piers, the crooked planks on the side and the showstopper thatch roof featuring almost 50 mechanical droid arms really make us feel on the site of wreckage.

While waiting to be rescued, check out more builds from Kevin Wu on Instagram @kev.thebuilder or on Flickr:


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