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#1651 SET REVIEW: 10290 Creator Expert Pickup Truck

Looking for an addition to your collection of LEGO car models or for a new display piece for your house? The Creator Expert Pickup Truck is a pretty accurate depiction of a 1950s truck and includes components to accessorize your set differently each season!

The build follows the manufacturing process of a real car, starting by a platform on which components are mounted. It features a few Technic sections, lots of SNOT construction, but overall not particularly creative techniques.

Although it is a pretty accurate and detailed build, some of the curves and proportions are slightly off. It also suffers from its own weight, making the platform bend and limiting the “playability”.

Overall, we score this set 19/25 and definitely recommend it if you are looking to increase your dark red parts inventory!

Product NOT provided by LEGO, we just wanted to share this awesome set with you!


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