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#1670 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 4070 Modified (Headlight) Brick, Trans-Clear

Our favourite brick this Friday is very unique—it’s the ever popular headlight brick, but make it transparent! Although more commonly found in opaque colours, this element has been used in creative ways by a range of builders! RC Darman on Flickr uses a LOT of them in a digital build to create a creepy, science-fiction server farm, while @nickbrickbuilds creates a life-size replica of the impressive Covenant Energy Sword from Halo. Meanwhile, @allysongaillego creates a beautifully elegant betta fish, and Jonathan Gale on Flickr shows us how to create a radiant chequered stained-glass pattern.

How have you used the headlight brick in trans-clear colours? Let us know in the comments below!

Follow the builders here:


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