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#168 Favourite Brick Friday: 3065 1x2 Brick without Bottom Tube

This week's favourite brick is the 1x2 Brick without Bottom Tube, which is very similar to a 1x2 Brick but obviously doesn't have the bottom tube, hence the name.

This actually changes a lot about the piece, as it becomes useful where a classic 1x2 is not. Firstly, the piece can be positioned anywhere on studs and can slide on them, as there is no bottom tube blocking the way. This allows you to position them in creative ways for a variety of uses. The other benefit is that the pieces are completely transparent, so are very useful for windows as you can see clearly through them.

Combine these two together, and you have a clever technique. The bricks can be positioned on tiles and studs to angle them at any degree as seen in the picture. You can do this because the bottom tube does not get in the way, so the bricks can be positioned anywhere if there are just connected by a few studs. Therefore this technique is great for windows that you wish to have at an angle.

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"iconly":0}


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