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#1695 SET COMPARISON: LEGO Harry Potter sets 76401, 76402, 76407

Content Warning: Harry Potter

Today we’re trying something a little different: with all the new sets coming out this summer, it can be hard to figure out how to prioritize your spending (we all have a budget ideally, right?). For the upcoming Harry Potter summer wave, we took the 3 sets of the wave that are remakes of early 2000’s sets and compared them not only to their original versions but also to each other, to give you a list of PROS & CONS to use for your important purchasing decisions!

We compared all the minifigures, whether the set had good Hogwarts Castle modules, the value of the standalone set, and much more! Let us know what you think of our new format! What other themes would you like us to compare in the future?

[sets were provided by LEGO but all opinions and observations are our own]


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