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#1697 THEME TRIBUTE: Ice Planet 2002 (1993-1994)

Let’s travel back to 1993, a year where LEGO released one of its most beloved space theme at a time where adding 2000 to anything made it sound sooo futuristic!

In this orange, blue and white post, we feature MOCs that pay tribute to the Ice Planet 2002 theme by revisiting existing sets, creating new vehicles and mechs or suggesting new crews in hope of a future return of the theme.

Includes builds from @swandutchman , Henk van der Linde (Flickr), Chris Perron @ctperron Julius von Brunk @baron_von_brunk , Cecilie Fritzvold @ceshiirie Chris Malloy on Flickr, Awesome Joel 27 on Flickr, HJ Media Studios on Flickr ,, Horlack on Flickr, @ramblingbrick and ReZourceman (Eurobricks).


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