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#171 Monday's MOC of the Week: Rey's Home in AT-AT

This week's is from a member of the group Lego Star Wars Builders Gather, Sylvain Garnier, who has created a 1085 piece MOC of Rey's Home in AT-AT. The instructions can be requested from him using this email: and do check out his Flickr account for his other creations:

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rey lives in a broken down and dilapidated AT-AT that has been brilliantly recreated to minifigure scale. You can access the detailed interior through a great fitting panel that reveals a custom painting on tiles to show Rey's counting down on a wall, which is accompanied by numerous other details of Rey's ornaments and a removable bed that handily slides into the wall.

There are many detachable parts to the MOC, such as the trapdoor in the sand and the removal of some of the landscape to get to the interior. When these parts are taken away you are left with even more detail such as piping and this gives a good impression of how the foot is sunk into the sand.

The exterior of the foot also looks great with a variety of slope pieces used to create the circular shape, He has also detailed the underside of the foot with certain parts and red plates that contrast well to the main colour scheme. The landscape of sand built up around the foot has been created using layers of different coloured plates to show the planet's environment.

All these details and featured come together to make a truly stunning MOC that is more than worth its own official set. It truly is a shame this was not approved on LEGO Ideas because of the Star Wars Theme, but if you want to support the builder with his equally stunning and detailed Rebuildable Theatre Stage (last picture in this post) then check out this link:


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