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#1719 SET REVIEW: 10297 Boutique Hotel

Today, we review the LEGO Group’s 15th anniversary Modular Building Collection addition – 10297 Boutique Hotel! The most recent corner building since 10264 Corner Garage, the Boutique Hotel stands out among a crowd of previously released, well designed Modular Buildings.

10297 Boutique Hotel consists of two establishments: the namesake Hotel and the El Cubo Fine Art gallery, which exhibits various types of cubist art. Both are built on a Pythagorean triangle base, meaning that the walls are angled and are not on a traditional rectangular floorplan. The angled layout is just one of many design choices that make the Boutique Hotel an eye-catching display piece or city addition.

As the 15th anniversary Modular Building Collection set, this building contains over a dozen callbacks to previously release buildings, from the recent Police Station all the way to the original Café Corner. Captions detailing these easter eggs are found throughout the instruction booklet and make for an exceptional building experience.

After fifteen years, which modular building is your favorite? Why? Share in the comments!

[Review product provided by LEGO]


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