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#1749 SET REVIEW: 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle

Yes, you saw correctly; we gave the new Lion Knights’ Castle a perfect score!

This tribute to the long history of LEGO castles, released for the 90 years of play, features numerous references to the past and unique collectible elements. That includes 22 minifigures (10 of which are women) and printed elements not seen in decades!

The set is not only highly displayable, but very playable. In addition to its complex hinge system that allows you to see the detailed interior, it features mechanisms to open gates and doors, as well as many secret chambers and compartments.

The instructions are also marvellously laid out, alternating between building the walls using the 800+ traditional shape bricks included in the set and designing the interior with a plethora of details.

The Lion Knights’ Castle is a fun, clever, beautiful, collectable and detailed set that will please any nostalgic medieval theme fan.

[Review product provided by The LEGO Group but all opinions are our own]

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I like Lego castles

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