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#176 TIPS: Technic MOCs

(Even though Technic bricks (those with holes in) technically count as Technic pieces, this post will be talking about Technic pieces with no stud connections, and those primarily used in official LEGO Technic sets.)

Some builders create their MOCs using only Technic pieces, instead of classic elements. Technic pieces are very different to classic elements, due to the difference in the interlocking system (pegs and other linkers) and the shapes of the pieces. This therefore makes it a challenge if you aren't used to technic pieces, and some great shapes can be created where classic pieces just couldn't hold up. This is why a lot of custom vehicles are made from Technic parts; the unique shapes of the pieces translate well to curves, unlike classic elements.

I highly recommend even if you usually build with classic elements to hop onto a design software and make a Technic MOC or buy a Technic set, as it will help you to become a better builder due to the challenge it presents and the new techniques it brings. It can also help you become aware of all the uses Technic can have in your MOCs, such as creating moving parts or reinforcing the structure.

Here is a link to some Technic MOCs on MOC Pages:

Pictured is the LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR by Francisco Hartley


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