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#1774 MOC FEATURE: Women builders at Brickworld Chicago 2022

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

2022 has brought back most of the in-person LEGO Fan conventions. Our contributor, Barbara Hoel (@barbara_hoel) attended Brickworld Chicago in June and took the opportunity to connect with other women builders, taking photos of their work on display. This post shares some of the amazing creations of the women she talked to.

Find below some thoughts Barbara wanted to share:

"When I first started interacting with the AFOL community on-line, finding other women builders was not easy. Most AFOLs used avatars and nicknames so identifying builders was a real challenge when looking for peers.

Now, with YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and many other social media platforms, women builders are being seen and heard in the AFOL community.

While participating as an exhibitor at Brickworld in Chicago back in June, I decided to photograph as many women’s MOCs as I could before the event was over. As a result, I met so many of the women I have talked to on-line and met many more. This post shows off some of their work. The variety of builds is amazing and the skills demonstrated are masterful. Some of these builders are still young girls and others have been building for 20+ years. I am so proud to be part of these group of FFOLs!”

All builders with an Instagram account can be found by the @ next to their name.

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