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#1778 SET REVIEW: 10292 The Friends Apartments

Today we review The Friends Apartments set from 2021, which is sure to delight fans! It's packed full of details and references, plus perfectly recreates the primary locations of the show.

While including some of the rooms such as the bathrooms and bedrooms could have produced more memorable moments, this would have undoubtedly increased the price and we think the set's a good size already.

If we had to pick between this and the other Friends set, we'd have to go with Central Perk as it's cheaper, more colourful, features better techniques and is just as iconic. Although it’s personal preference at the end of the day - our reviewer’s sister who isn’t an AFOL helped build the set and prefers it over Central Perk.

Read our full review and let us know your thoughts in the comments! Have you picked up this set yet or do you plan to?


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