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#1815 SET REVIEW: 10308 Holiday Main Street

Today we review the latest addition to the Winter Village! Comprised of 2 shops, a tram and additional scenery such as a postbox and Christmas tree, this set brings us more “downtown” rather than our usual village setting. Is this a worthy addition to the line or has LEGO lost the holiday magic? Read our review for our full thoughts and let us know your opinion in the comments.

[Review product provided by The LEGO Group but all opinions are our own]

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Winter Village is my second fav out of all Lego (first being Modulars) I much prefer something ‘city’ wise for this series. I’m not fond of the houses. Having a city full of shops, a hustling Main Street, snow plows, parents carrying gifts, kids ice skating, snowball fights, a jam packed main street! The Christmas train, newer Christmas train and now the tram can be bringing passengers to town, gifts for the stores, frazzled figs trying to get off the train to spend the holidays with family, tram to carry pooped out parents from one end of town to the other, also now that we have three modes of track transportation we can expand the track area to grow our…

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