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#1840 MOC OF THE WEEK: Tetris Playfield by Dex Hexus

This week's MOC of the Week is inspired by the upcoming 40th anniversary of Tetris. Dex Hexus delivers a 1:1 scale, fully playable Tetris playfield complete with garbage blocks and ghost piece.

Hidden under the retro nameplate is storage for three full sets of Tetriminos and more. This version of Tetris is reinforced with a technic frame, allowing you to play on a table or display on a wall.

Support it now on LEGO Ideas if you'd like to see this as an actual set!

This post was created by Bethany Wright who will soon be joining the Tips&Bricks team as a new contributor!

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This is Dex here! Wow is all I can say, this is a fantastic write-up of my design, I'm floored that somebody took the time to inspect it so carefully and pick out all the details. Thank you so much Bethany, this was the confidence boost I really needed.

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