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#1842 DESIGNER INTERVIEWS: Speed Champions

We got to sit down with the Design Lead for the Speed Champions theme, and we asked him your burning questions*! Christopher started working at The LEGO Group in 2011 and has worked on themes such as Galaxy Squad, The LEGO Movie, Ultra Agents and Ninjago. He's held the role of Design Lead for Speed Champions since 2018, so he certainly knows his stuff, and was able to provide us with some very interesting insights into the theme.

Read the full interview and let us know your thoughts on the post, and any future Speed Champions sets that you'd like to see in the comments!

*Questions were submitted via our Instagram story ahead of the interview, and the most popular questions were selected.*

1 Comment

Love the cars..can't get the top piece to staY on, the attgachment to the windshield lacks clutch power but its cool as a convertible

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