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#1868 THEME TRIBUTE: Bionicle

Today we revisit the fan-favourite theme that firmly straddles the line between LEGO and action figures – Bionicle! We will take this opportunity to see how Bionicle has grown in the years since it ended, using the host of new parts and the renewed interest for the 90th anniversary of LEGO competition! Get a small sneak peak at the pieces that made the theme iconic, before meeting the key players of the original Bionicle wave, recreated in BrickHeadz form. See how builders are remaking classic sets and making their own, as well as creating other iconic elements from the line!

What’s your favourite build? Do you wish Bionicle could make a return? Do you have a theme you would like to see featured? Let us know in the comments section!

This post features builds by: @stormythos on Instagram – BrickHeadz Lee Grid on LEGO Ideas – Mata Nui Tarkur on LEGO Ideas – Toa Lhikan and Kikanalo u/awBrickBuilder on Reddit – Toa Helryx @Haeser on Instagram – Mask of Ultimate Power Roldan A.G. on LEGO Ideas – Mask of Creation u/ Sabretooth1100 on Reddit - The Mandalorian @TheNinjaWhippet on Instagram – Doom Slayer @dviddy on Instagram – Macku on Palm Island


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