#188 TECHNIQUES - Simple working doors

For today's technique, we will look at two sliding doors, which can be incorporated into a number of MOCs, from historical builds to sci-fi bases.

Both involve specific pieces, with the first utilizing Technic, to operate the door by turning a gear. This might be familiar to those of you who have built the Assault on Hoth UCS set, as a similar technique is used. The doors, which are positioned sideways using the 2x6 w/ studs on the side, are attached to rails, which can be turned by the smaller gear. This opens and closes the door, and tiles are placed below to allow it to run smoothly.

The second is a much simpler design which includes a modified 2x8 with rail plate, that lets bricks sit in it and slide.

Both techniques, although functioning well and are simple to make, unfortunately require extra space to both sides, for the doors to move into when they are open. Therefore, this technique is not suitable to small scale MOCs, but is useful in that it can be customized to fit any door size, and any movement of the doors.