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#1882 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Christmas Presents for #BuildToGive

This holiday season, help LEGO give children an incredible Christmas gift. For each build shared, LEGO will donate a set to a child in need. Last year's Build to Give campaign managed to donate 1.5 million LEGO sets, and the aim in the 2022 Build to Give campaign is to donate to 2 million children.

Featuring builds from: @kristelwhitaker @jilliancaliforniabuilds @brickfambuilds @izabelahorodyska @msslobrickda @mejenborg87 @ingeljunggreen @tanosproductions @bottomlessbricksberkshire @czornyjac @virginia_bricks @kinibricks @buildings_blockd @bricksofgore and @kellerconstructionco

- all on Instagram.


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