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#1953 SET REVIEW: 21339 BTS Dynamite

The Bangtan Boys (BTS) are back, and this time, they’re plastic, miniature, and still larger than life! In addition to the figures, this LEGO build comes with the retro set of their most popular explosive music video, Dynamite!

Stacked with palm trees, an ice-cream truck, a record store, an almost life size donut, and a stage, yes, even a stage, what’s not to love!? As it turns out, a lot! Swipe or scroll to see why we gave this set a score of 15 out of 25, and what we think LEGO could’ve done better!

[Review product provided by the LEGO group but all opinions are our own.]

1 Comment

Jun 10, 2023

I totally subscribe to the overall evaluation of this set. It is a disappointed one, especially with regard to the usual standards of the LEGO idea line made up of complex-build LEGO sets. As always thank you for this comprehensive detailed review.

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