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#198 Did You Know: Has teal changed?

Updated: May 1, 2021

Most of you will know that the set 10260 Downtown Diner has reintroduced us to the colour of teal (called dark turquoise on Bricklink), but did you know that the colour is exactly the same as it was when first released?

The teal colour sure has some backstory; when LEGO suffered from a bad sales year, they decided to reduce the number of colours in their palette. A designer, Mark Stafford, had choose which colour to keep between teal or purple for a series of sets. As you known, he choose to keep purple, but now teal has been reintroduced into the colour palette and should make its way into more official sets in the future, and therefore more builders will use it in their MOCs.

Normally when colours are changed/reintroduced the shade is slightly different, just like when the greys where changed, producing a different colour that is noticeable when the two versions are side by side. Teal seems to have avoided this however as the colour ID remains the same as it was.

However, from the comments I have received below, it seems that the colours are ever so slightly different, due to the older pieces being faded, so make sure you look out for this if you are buying bricks.


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