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#199 Monday's MOC of the Week: Mack and Joule from Recore

This week's MOC feature are two characters from the video game Recore, and even if you don't know the game its hard not to appreciate these stunning designs. The models are made by Nick Jensen who likes to build weapons and character from many popular games such as Destiny and Overwatch. You can check out the Nick's Flickr account here:

Firstly, the dog Mack is an excellent build, with great part use to create the mech's thin shape. Although some of the connections don't look too strong, they come together with the hinges to allow the mech to be placed in a running position that fills it with character. The colours of bright yellow along with tones of grey and transparent blue highlights contrast well and are accurate to the in-game designs.

The main character of the game Joule is also recreated equally well in LEGO form, with many details included such as 1x1 round tiles being used for googles. Just like her companion, hinges have been used to allow the character's body to be positioned holding her brick built weapon. In comparison to the dog, the character seems quite sturdy and looks well built thanks to the SNOT techniques used to encase the inner structure. SNOT is also used in places such as the legs and knees to help achieve the shape and add more details such as knee pads.

Both models come together for a brilliantly shaped and detailed MOC, that brings in lots of techniques and unique colours.


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