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#1999 THEME TRIBUTE: Wolfpack (1992-1994)

This week, our theme tribute takes you back in time (1992) to meet one of the least known factions of the LEGO Castles theme: the Wolfpack. Although this group of renegades only appears in three sets, their emblem is now well known amongst builders who contribute to the thin backstory of this group of brigands through MOCs.

Featuring builds by @ZCerberus:, @ygreklego:,, Thomus Bean:, @aidiees:, Legophtalmos:, :Jovian:, @lechkulina:, John Tooker:, @armoredgear7:, Xarqar:, ‘’Big Daddy’’ Nelson:, Nathan DeCastro:, Pese22:, IamKritch: and @dirtzonebrick:


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