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#2005 FAVORITE BRICK FRIDAY: 32607 Round 1x1 with 3 Leaves

We’re back with our Favorite Brick Friday, and this week we highlight a piece that has appeared in close to 100 sets per year since 2018- the Round 1x1 with 3 Leaves! Do you know any other MOCS or official LEGO sets that creatively use the Leaf? Let us know in the comments!

Shoutout to @iron_builders and their #ironforge challenge that supplied most of the builds in this post!

Builds by: @emazingbrix @dan.ko56 @donutsftw_designs @moc_town @miscellanabuilds @wallyjarek_lego_creations @rsmbricks and dicken liu, gGh0st, and F.S. Leinad on Flickr


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