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#2008 MOC OF THE WEEK: Longing by @aukbricks

This week's MOC of the Week is Longing by @aukbricks. Inspired by their time living in The Land of the Rising Sun and desire to visit again, Aukbricks has perfectly captured the serene tranquility of a Japanese garden with cherry blossoms on full display.

While the techniques used in constructing the suitcase and travel guide are superb, the artistic beauty in the scene within are what truly brings this to a new level. The mosaic in the background portrays a cityscape slightly out of focus which allows the viewer’s eyes to hone in on an enchanting garden that is overflowing with the smallest details.

Check out Aukbrick’s other work for some more amazing architecture builds!

This post was made by Randy Kiyan, who applied to be a Tips&Bricks team member. Round of applause for such an excellent job! On this topic, we will be recruiting again this summer, so keep on eye on the page if you're interesteD!


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