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#202 TECHNIQUES - The perfect hexagon

With LEGO pieces being so blocky, it can be hard to create circular shapes, and even harder to create those with no gaps.

This technique however, called the perfect hexagon uses only 3 types of pieces to create a six sided shape where the plates line up perfectly with one another. The pieces, 2x4 plates ( or any 2x for extended versions), 1x1 modified brick with studs on all sides and 1x2 technic brick, which are not rare or hard to find, making this technique accessible for everyone to use.

The pieces must be connected in a certain way with the technic brick at varying 30 degree angles, but it is easy to do if you follow the step-by-step instructions in the picture.

This technique is also useful as it can be extended to form tall trees, pillars or even lightsaber hilts and parts can be added onto the studded surfaces to give more detail.

Unfortunately, this technique cannot be simply recreated for more sided shapes, unless you used some plates. Another disadvantage is that the connection is not that strong, but it could be reinforced if you extend the length and link the sections with other parts.


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