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#203 Favourite Brick Friday: Flexible tubes

This week's favourite brick is slightly different, because I am showcasing a whole category of pieces instead of a specific one. This is because they all have the same uses, but due to the different lengths they can be used in different scenarios.

Flexible tubes, or technically called flex cables on Bricklink, are used to create various shapes that are hard to produce with standard bricks. You can attach clips to the flexible tubes which then allows you to shape the tube and the clips will follow that shape. This means you can get many different designs for cockpits and other odd shapes as seen in the picture.

It's worth mentioning that flexible tubes come in two ways; pneumatic and rigid. The only difference is that the rigid are harder to bend and shape in comparison. Please correct me in the comments if there is another difference I'm not aware of!

Here's a link to all the flexible tubes on Bricklink:


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