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#206 Monday's MOC of the Week: Harrower-Class Star Destroyer

This week's MOC feature is a stunning Harrower-Class Star Destroyer from Koen on Flickr. You can check out all his other builds, including a huge range of MOCs from microscale architecture to video game characters:

This monstrous capital ship of the Empire is from the video game "Star Wars: The Old Republic" and had been recreated with around 5700 pieces. This model differs from many other official and custom Star Destroyers because it uses a very different technique. The builder has used bricks on their sides to create the battle-hardened exterior of the destroyer, and fortunately the builder has posted some work-in-progress images to show. These are included in the post (the first four are of the underside), but for a detailed explanation of the design process check out this link and the pictures before it:

As mentioned above, this model using bricks on their sides, which allows the builder to create a smooth exterior and use different shades of grey for a brilliant effect. These bricks are held in place and angled by a complex structure made up of technic and ball joints. SNOT bricks are also incorporated into this structure to allow the attachment of the engines and connection of the other parts such as the bridge.

This MOC is one of the best Star Destroyers I have ever seen; not only does it use an ingenious and unique technique, but the final model looks clean and has an incredibly sleek and smooth appearance.


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