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#2107 SHARE: Our handbooks!

If you're new to our blog you might not know about the 4 handbooks we offer! Made specifically for AFOLs interested in custom building, they enable both beginners and expert builders to learn more building techniques and get inspired for their custom building endeavours! Featuring exclusive content not shown on our blog, if you're a fan of our content you're bound to enjoy them!

We have also updated the Tree Tutorials handbook with our new branding, as well as improving the graphics and making it more user-friendly.

Plus, physical copies of this handbook are now available again! Printed in glossy, high colour pages, these make for an excellent birthday present or addition to your LEGO bookshelf.

Check out the pictures in this post and for more details head over to our website using this

link if you'd like to purchase anything to support the blog:


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