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#213 Monday's MOC of the Week: Hot Dog Food Truck

This week's MOC feature is a gourmet Hot Dog Food Truck by LEGO7 from Flickr. You can check out all his other builds, including a huge range of high quality MOCs from anything that takes the his fancy, so there is something for everyone: //

This great creation uses an awesome mix of black, white, tan and dark orange that blend well together to make a very classy-looking food truck worthy of the streets of New York. The build also includes some awesome details such custom printed/stickered tiles displaying the companies logo and menu as well as a neat little flower stall which adds more bright colours into the mix.

The HOT DOG sign has been created with round tiles, and is mounted on top of a hot dog which is instantly recognizable, and it can also be moved to the side of the truck for a different look. The build also features a sizable interior, with space for a driver and a passenger, while the rest of the interior is quite spacious and uses parts well to make up the interior components needed for serving hungry customers. The truck itself has also been textured well; the builder has used pieces with texture such as grills, ladders and fences to line the outside of the truck.

Check out the builder's Flickr above for more awesome creations!


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