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#2134 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Micro-scale Trees

Don’t miss the trees for the forest in today’s technique discussion post--in these builds, interesting parts are used creatively to build lush and vibrant forests!

@genevadurand uses upside-down building techniques to create pine trees with relatively common parts, offering a technique equally ingenious and budget-friendly. Meanwhile, @nannanz_creations shows how you can use cheerleader’s pommes as cherry blossom trees, while @drdoddo uses a variety of elephant trunks, carrot tops and plant plates. Finally, @corvus_auriac recreates an iconic X-Files poster using minifigure epaulettes and @balbo._ uses five-pointed crowns and a variety of flower stem parts to create snowy microscale trees.

Which is your favourite? Have you built any microscale trees using these techniques or your own? Comment below and let us know!


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