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#2145 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Brick-built Kirby Characters

Hi! Though most of the LEGO x Nintendo conversations revolve around Mario and Zelda, there is a round pink friend that is a super popular inspiration for MOC builders! Kirby is one of the most legendary characters in video game history, but his shape proves quite difficult to build out of LEGO. These builds of Kirby and his friends (and foes) are incredible - let us know your favorite designs!

Builds by @buildbetterbricks @thefrenchybricks @pino_creations @mikevduranus @_brickmill_ @bruceywan @swandutchman @bricknoceros @legobro4studio @eerookkonen and mSquid_, IGU., and Logan W. on Flickr and u/Scoutisapyable on Reddit



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